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7th Grade League & 8th Grade League Starts February 13; Registration Open.

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  Summer Leagues!
  *New Day of Week*
Boys Late Winter 2016 June & July
  On-Time Registration due April, 18, 2016
7th Grade League  
  Monday Evenings:
8th Grade League Incoming Grades
  5th Div I / 6th Div II
Starts February 13 or 14 6th Div I / 7th Div II
Registration Open Tuesday Evenings:
  Incoming Grades
  7th Div I / 8th Div II
  8th Div I / 9th Div II


       HBA Boys South Central Hosts
      Southport Whiteland Franklin Community       
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PO BOX 424
Spiceland, IN 47385
Director: Ron Stryzinski
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